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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

…..or, more accurately the gold BUST. Because this year we ventured West with one thing in our mind: an alien probe. Well, just an alien…and a cowboy…multiple of both….COWBOYS AND ALIENS, the WORLD PREMIERE of Harrison’s new film. We’ve been on pins and sarlaccs since last yea’rs announcement and first time comic con visit from Harrison. Arguably one the the biggest premieres of the year – tickets for this summer’s screening were next to impossible to come by. But we’re the Son’s of Ford….and they were just as impossible to come by.

Favreau and the C&A team devised a cruel but fair? method of distributing the 2000 fan tickets: subscribe to a text, and once an hour you will receive a text back of a random intersection in downtown San Diego. RUSH there as quickly as you can where you’ll receive a Gold Brick (made with Happy Meal materials) and inside, there MAY be a ticket to the screening.

Happy Meal Brick


Supposedly 1/25 had a chance…but with 200 bricks a pop, and 8 Gold Rush giveaways (we ran to all 8), the math doesn’t…quite add up to 2000? BUT math was never our strong suit (iron man/Favreau pun), so we decided to forgive and for

get and move on to the next best thing, drinking.

Cowboys and Aliens Saloon downtown San Diego

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