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Harrison at Comic Con!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The Sons of Ford paid a visit to the San Diego Comic Con this year, waiting all day in Hall H through some very uncool crap, just hoping for a glimpse at the upcoming Harrison/Favreau film “Cowboys and Aliens.” Favreau himself was scheduled to be there, and would do a short Q/A before the feature events of the evening. But, before his time slot, some dick stabs another dick in the eye with a fan pen and holds the whole thing up.

30 minutes later we see dick 1 dragged out in cuffs. Favreau finally comes out, and instead of sitting down, calls out Daniel Craig, then Sam Rockwell, then Kurtzman/Orci (Star Trek/Generally Awesome), and more cast until finally there’s 1 seat left at the end of the table. ….

“And I tried to warn him, but he insisted on coming……HARRISON FORD”

The rest is foggy after that, lots of screaming, light headedness, but Brent was able to get this picture on his phone:

Harrison at Comic Con

Brent snapped this while being dragged away by security

Needless to say, the footage looks great! Read more about Harrison’s first visit to Comic Con here:

Comic Con – The Indy Fan Panel

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Shunned by the Con itself, the Indy Fan panel was forced to meet off grounds at nearby Marriott Hotel. With all the backslapping and catching up of a highschool reunion, Indy’s of all creeds and colors showed up to discuss the movies, the lore, and updates to the Harrison animatronic on the Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland.

Interesting fact: There are still places in the world where you can find pieces of the blown up bomber from “Raiders” and foam rocks mixed in with real ones from “Temple of Doom”

There was also a bitchin costume contest:

Costume Contest

Dude glued a bunch of gnarly Tarantulas to his back

One of the Asian Indy’s made his dad dress up

Father & Son

Baller looking Henry Jones, even had the umbrella

The Sons made a short presentation on Harrison stunts and the value of pre-stretching.