July 27th, 2011

…..or, more accurately the gold BUST. Because this year we ventured West with one thing in our mind: an alien probe. Well, just an alien…and a cowboy…multiple of both….COWBOYS AND ALIENS, the WORLD PREMIERE of Harrison’s new film. We’ve been on pins and sarlaccs since last yea’rs announcement and first time comic con visit from Harrison. Arguably one the the biggest premieres of the year – tickets for this summer’s screening were next to impossible to come by. But we’re the Son’s of Ford….and they were just as impossible to come by.

Favreau and the C&A team devised a cruel but fair? method of distributing the 2000 fan tickets: subscribe to a text, and once an hour you will receive a text back of a random intersection in downtown San Diego. RUSH there as quickly as you can where you’ll receive a Gold Brick (made with Happy Meal materials) and inside, there MAY be a ticket to the screening.

Happy Meal Brick


Supposedly 1/25 had a chance…but with 200 bricks a pop, and 8 Gold Rush giveaways (we ran to all 8), the math doesn’t…quite add up to 2000? BUT math was never our strong suit (iron man/Favreau pun), so we decided to forgive and for

get and move on to the next best thing, drinking.

Cowboys and Aliens Saloon downtown San Diego

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May 4th, 2011

We were recently honored to be featured in the latest episode of Radio Drama Revival!

Excerpt from the review: The Sons of Ford are a bickering, potty-mouthed, occasionally rowdy klatch of young males all ultimately cinched together in blind devotion to superstar Harrison Ford… Harrison Quest delivers an intriguing if humorously embellished expose of celeb fandom. As the AD-PG13 rating indicates, this extended spoof is definitely not meant for the kiddies.”

“potty-mouthed”……AWESOME! You can listen to the entire review here

About Radio Drama Revival –

RDR is a weekly radio show and podcast featuring the best of contemporary audio drama (work produced after the golden age of radio). It airs Thursdays, 1-1:30PM EST on Portland, Maine’s community radio station WMPG, 90.9/104.1 FM.

Ford’s Facebook Eco Game Coming In April

March 10th, 2011

(From Allfacebook – March 7)

Harrison Ford’s endorsing the environmentally conscious gameEcotopia premiering on Facebook April 4.
You might be wondering, like I did, why Harrison is backing the Facebook game. As it turns out, game developer Talkie has partnered with Conservation International, a global organization that empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature and global biodiversity. Mr. Ford is the Vice Chairman of the Conservation International’s board of directors.
“As a passionate supporter of Conservation International’s work, I am excited that Talkie and CI are collaborating on Ecotopia,” Harrison Ford said in a prepared statement. “This game represents a refreshing new way to engage millions of people in addressing critical environmental issues and finding solutions that work for the wellbeing of humanity.”
Talkie’s press release describes Ecotopia as:
In this eco-friendly heroes-versus-villains Facebook adventure, Ecotopia players begin with a dirty, uninhabitable environment and must generate resources by completing immersive in-game missions. Resources are then used to develop a colorful and exciting sustainable city that players can customize to create their own utopia. Players can also connect with their Facebook friends, sending gifts to each other and visiting neighboring maps to perform helpful actions. In a feature new to social gaming, players will also be heavily rewarded for performing real-world acts of sustainability and incorporating them into their Ecotopia gaming experience.
The idea certainly seems awesome, but we will see what kind of Facebook gamers it attracts — or whether it manages to lure people who may not play silly social games but are interested in social activism or learning a bit more about philanthropy.
At the same time, it seems like a smart move to keep the essence of wildly successful Facebook games intact: the popular city-building game model. While CI’s partnership with Talkie might be too large-scale (and possibly, expensive), it will become an interesting precedent if it is successful.
How well do you think Ecotopia will fare compared to other social games?


January 7th, 2011

You cannot control Harrison, you can only hope to contain him. Director Peter Weir has pulled it off, twice (Mosquito Coast and Witness). All this week at the Walter Reade Theater check out the films of Peter Weir followed by an in person visit from the acclaimed director Jan 7 and 8.

For more information, check out Walter Reade Film Society’s site

Early screening of Harrison’s new Flick “MORNING GLORY”

November 6th, 2010

Morning Glory Harrison’s new flick is set to come out next Wednesday. Of course, we’ve  already seen  it three times. “But, but, but how?” We’re the fucking Sons of Ford, of course we’ve got the hookup, that’s how. As much as we’d love to post the film for our fans, we’d never do anything to hurt our leading man’s opening weekend, but just to prove we’ve already been there (and done that) here’s a little taste:

Highlight reel

Harrison On Conan!

November 3rd, 2010
As of now keep your DVR’s set on TBSTu 11/16: Harrison Ford, Rosario Dawson, Reggie Watts

we don’t know who the other two are, but check here out for the full schedule

Original Darth Vader Costume For Auction – MOM I NEED TO BORROW SOME MONEY!

October 27th, 2010

(AP) The Force can be with you – for a price.

Christie’s auction house says it is selling an original Darth Vader costume from the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

The jet-black helmet, mask and armor worn by the intergalactic villain are expected to sell for between 160,000 pounds and 230,000 pounds ($250,000 and $365,000) at a sale of pop culture memorabilia next month.

Christie’s said Wednesday that the costume is thought to have been made for “The Empire Strikes Back,” the second film in George Lucas’s sci-fi series, released in 1980.

Christie’s did not name the owner, identified only as an American private collector.

The sale takes place Nov. 25 in London.

Dan Akroyd discusses Crystal Skull

October 21st, 2010
San Diego Radio show “The Show” interviews Dan Aykroyd, who discusses the origin of the real Crystal Skull (coincidentally, the shape of his Vodka bottle).
You can check out the episode here (originally aired 10/21/10)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Ford

October 12th, 2010

Before there was Casey Jones, April O’Neil had the eye for a certain someone we all know….



October 7th, 2010

The Sons of Ford will be taking an emergency trip to this Saturday’s Comic Con in NYC. We originally weren’t planning on attending, until Brent noticed the following on the CON schedule:

Is it....Could

Is it…Could it …be? There’s nothing about it on the website so we  called the box office and even THEY don’t know exactly what this will be. Could it be nothing? Sure? Can we take that chance? You’re an idiot. So if you’re going to the Con this weekend, no, we don’t have a booth, but you’ll know where to find us at 10am on Saturday. Come say hi.

See you at the Con.

(We’ll also be sure to check out some of the other panels/booths:new Lost Boys movie, the Science of BSG, Jim Lee etc,  you can check out the complete schedule here)